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  1. Helge Brzoska
    Helge Brzoska February 2, 2009 at 09:47 |

    We at brox think, cloud based search in the enterprise will in near future be the only way to handle the amounts of information given in enterprise contexts. that’s why SMILA Initiative at Eclipse, lead by brox and Bertelsmann subsidiary empolis, works hard to show together w/ Partners like Attensity, Inc. and others, how that concept can work properly TODAY, not 10 yrs ahead. Have an eye at eclipse (dot) org (slash) smila

    Best, Helge

  2. Andreas Ringdal
    Andreas Ringdal February 2, 2009 at 10:11 |

    Cross posting from the LinkedIn forums.

    I think the question here is, where is the content that the users will need to search.
    (Note, I do not consider site search an enterprise search feature, but a separate product and does not comment upon that here)

    There are some scenarios to consider
    1) The data itself is hosted externally, but the applications reside in the local environment
    2) The Terminal server / Citrix approach with the entire environment hosted at an ASP provider
    3) Locally stored data
    4) The mixed environment

    1) When the data is hosted at various service provider locations, and the applications reside locally, the search can be hosted.

    2) When a ASP provider hosts the entire environment, it is natural that the ASP provider hosts the enterprise search feature as sell. ASP providers have a sealed environment and the companies already trusts the provider with all their data.

    3) If the company already stores all data locally and hosts their own servers, there is no reason why the enterprise search service should be hosted externally. For small businesses hosted search might be a good solution.

    4) In mixed environments where a company uses both local and remotely stored data, there might be advantages if the provider of one of the remote services is also hosting enterprise search for the locally stored data.

    To sum it up. Search should be where the data is.

    “the ONE document that got lost in the cloud. Having control and access to all this information is key. ”
    The one document might just as well get lost within a locally hosted solution. The key to a good search solution is not where it is, but the quality of the content and the level of control the customer has of the data.

    As Bora Ramirez mentioned, security is an issue. An enterprise search solution will have to either store (host) all security details on the servers, or do real time lookups to verify the access to the items. When hosting the security details, the actual data storages must be polled constantly to monitor changes in security levels. When performing real time look-ups, requires a connection from the search serves to the data storages. If the data is stored locally, this includes giving access to local resources from the search server, not only pushing the data outwards.

    Cloud based enterprise search might be a solution for some, but it is not THE solution.


  3. Andreas Ringdal
    Andreas Ringdal February 2, 2009 at 10:31 |

    ” After all, making good enterprise search work is not costly at all. It will typically even lower the bottom line within 12 months.

    “Really? It’s my experience that good enterprise search won’t make itself, but instead requires a sizable investment in specialized consultancy.”

    But if done the right way, it should pay off within 12 months.


  4. Thomas Kjelsrud
    Thomas Kjelsrud February 2, 2009 at 12:28 |

    I think scenario 2 above illustrates the ideal case – both data and search is outsourced, it makes little scenes to keep them separated considering bandwidth and technical hurdles (the ever lovely Access Control Lists).

    My vision:
    Drop all “legacy” storage systems for any given application. Applications; mail, file or CRM simply submits documents to “the cloud”, a search driven storage structure (probably external). In return, doing searches becomes a breeze, interaction between applications is easier to achieve and there is no need to duplicate everything in an index.

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  6. Thomas Kjelsrud
    Thomas Kjelsrud February 6, 2009 at 13:22 |

    Check out this lengthy article on best bets and enterprise search:

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